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Buttons Are Not Working (No Pop Ups)

HelpConsole 6 produces pop up windows when you do things like delete a help page, leave a page id field blank in the page properties, try to edit a help page that has been session locked, or bookmark the page using the Bookmark button on the help page toolbar.

If some buttons (like delete page ) are not working, the browser you are using to run HelpConsole may be blocking pop ups from the application.

For instance, when you click the bookmark tool on the page toolbar (in Chrome):

Or when you access the page's properties, highlight the page id, and remove it, leaving a blank field which HelpConsole cannot allow (in Internet Explorer):
Or when you open HelpConsole 6 in multiple browsers, edit a page in one browser, and then try to edit the same page in another browser while the other is editing (session lock in Firefox):

To resolve this issue you will need to add HelpConsole as an exception to your browser's pop up blocker:

You can learn how to set up exceptions in each browser's pop up blocker here:
NOTE: Make sure to use the root URL for the application when making an exception in your browser's pop up blocker (ie. [COMPUTER NAME]/helpconsole6/ or localhost/helpconsole6/ or if you are licensed for our subscription version).

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