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How to Display Custom Browser Icon

FavIcon.png (Applies to HelpConsole 6 Dynamic Help Systems)

The format for the custom browser icon was changed from “favicon.ico” to “favicon.png” in HelpConsole 6.

1.  Create a browser icon in .png format (recommended size: 16x16)
2.  Edit a page in the project and click the ‘Insert and Manage images’ icon
3.  Click the ‘upload’ icon
4.  Select the ‘favicon.png’ file
5.  Click the ‘upload’ button
6.  Refresh the browser and it should show the icon. If you don’t see it right away, try clearing the browser cache.
FavIcon.ico (Applies to HelpConsole 2012)

The icon that is displayed at the top of the browser window can be customized by replacing the icon: “c:\program files\helpconsole 2012\{project}\images\favicon.ico”. Most browsers will show it right away by refreshing the browser window, however, you may need to clear the browser cache if you don't see it right away. 

The default format is favicon.ico, but favicon.png can be used as well. If you want to use that format, you’ll need to change the reference in “default_project.aspx”. Here are the steps:
1. Use a text editor such as notepad to open “c:\program files\helpconsole 2012\_engine\default_project.aspx”
2. Change the reference (shown below) from favicon.ico to favicon.png
3. Save


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