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How to Embed a Video Using the Insert External Video Tool

Embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos into your HelpConsole 6 project's help pages is easy with the page editor's Insert External Video tool.

Once you have a YouTube or Vimeo video that you would like to add to a page:

  1. Copy the URL for a YouTube video (not the embed url that YouTube provides under the Share options).
    • Eg.

  2. Log in to HelpConsole as a user with sufficient permissions to edit a page.
  3. Unless the tool bar is already expanded, select the 'Show More Tools' button:
  4. Select the 'Insert External Video' button:

  5. In the resulting window, paste the YouTube or Vimeo video's URL you copied earlier into the 'Paste Youtube or Vimeo video URL' field.

  6. Choose which settings you would like applied to the video:

    Setting Description
    Play the Video Automatically On Load 
    Checking this option will make the video begin playing when the page is opened.
    Display the Title Before Video Starts Playing
    Checking this option will add the video title to the player's window before the video is begun.
    Enable Fullscreen Button
    Checking this option will enable the fullscreen button on the player control bar.
    Enable Privacy Enhanced Mode (Not Available for Vimeo Videos)
    Checking this option means that YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your web page unless they play the video.

  7. Select 'Save'

NOTE: You can view and edit what HTML code will be generated by the tool by clicking on 'Advanced Mode' near the bottom of the 'Insert External Video' window.

Once you finish using the tool, the video should be added to the page you are currently editing. If you wish to see the HTML code that has been generated, you can select the '<>HTML' view tab near the bottom of the editing window.


The tool will add the video in an iframe tag.




<iframe width="400" height="225" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>


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