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How to Apply the KB2 Skin to an Existing Help System

The KB2 skin is included in the ‘Knowledgebase’ project template, but not the ‘Help System’ template.

The KB2 skin can be added to your existing project by doing the following:

1. Copy the following files from the “c:\program files\helpconsole 2012\template_Knowledgebase” folder:
  • Images_kb2 folder 
  • Skin_KB2.htm 
  • Style_KB2.css


This is what the skin will look like. The article details window and other elements won’t be displayed (see screenshot below).

This is an example of a page shown in the ‘Knowledgebase Template’:


If you want to include the ‘page rating stars’, language and other properties (shown in right window), you can add these by doing the following:

1. Create a new project with the ‘knowledgebase’ template and login as ‘Admin’Click ‘Tools > Variables’
2. Copy the following variables into your project. This is done by opening the variable, switch to HTML view, and copy the content:
  • _Help Page Header
  • Language_list
  • Like buttons If there are icon images missing (eg: Email This Article), these can be copied from “c:\program files\helpconsole 2012\template_knowledgebase\images\”

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