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How to Copy Nodes (Folders)

Here's how to copy folders (with their child pages) in HelpConsole 6:

  1. Open HelpConsole to the Project Management screen.
  2. Select the project in which there are folders you want to copy.
  3. Select the 'Action' button and in the drop-down menu, select copy.
  4. Name the copy and select 'Copy'.
  5. Open the original project.
  6. Log in as a user with sufficient permissions to add pages.
  7. Select the Add Page button Add Page Button in the Contents Toolbar.
  8. Select 'Import Pages'.
  9. At the bottom of the 'Import From Another Project' window, use the drop-down menu to select the copied project.
  10. In the main frame of the 'Import From Another Project' window, select the folder you want to add into your project and select the 'Import' button.

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