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How to Integrate Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager you can tag certain elements of web pages to measure traffic and visitor behavior, understand the impact of online advertising and social channels, use remarketing and audience targeting, test and improve your site, and more.


If you need to learn more about using Google Tag Manager, visit the Google Tag Manager Knowledge Base.

Adding Google Tag Manager to HelpConsole 6 Project Pages:

Enabling Scripts in your HelpConsole 6 Project:

  1. Log in as user with sufficient permissions to edit project properties.
  2. Go to Tools > Properties.
  3. Find the 'Allow Scripts' field and use the drop-down menu there to select True.
  4. Select Save.

Adding Google Tag Manager Scripts to Pages and Page Elements:‚Äč

To add scripts to the body of a page, and edit HTML tags to include any attributes like onclick, do the following:

  1. Log in as a user with sufficient permissions to edit pages.
  2. Edit the page and in the editor window, select the <>HTML view.
  3. Add in your Google Tag Manager scripts at the bottom of the page.
  4. Edit the HTML tags in the body to include necessary attributes.
  5. Save the page.

Adding Google Tag Manager Scripts by Project Variable:

You can also add variables containing the scripts into pages to reduce the amount of copying and pasting. As well, If you decide to add variables into page bodies, you can maintain the project properties to disallow scripts (in order to prevent unwelcome scripts from operating if accidentally introduced to the page body, usually through copying and pasting).

  1. Log in as user with sufficient permissions to edit variables and pages.
  2. Go to Tools > Variables.
  3. Select 'Add'.
    In the editing window switch to the <>HTML view.
  4. Name your variable and select 'Save'.
  5. Open a page to edit.
  6. Add ['Variable's Name'] to the page body (with your variable's name between the square brackets).
  7. Save the page.

NOTE: As well, if you want a script on every page, edit the page header and add the script.

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