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How to Link to a Specific Page in a PDF Manual

Follow these instructions to make an external page that links to a specific page in a pdf file.

  1. Log in as a user with sufficient permissions to add pages.

  2. Click the add page icon in the Contents Toolbar:   

  3. Click on the 'Page Type' drop down menu:

  4. Select 'External Page' from the list:

  5. Enter your 'Page Name' and a relative file path to the manual in your project's docs folder (C:\Program Files\Help Console 6\[Your Project's Name]\docs\). Make sure to add '#page=[Page Number]':

    NOTE: On some browsers, the page will display the icon for an embedded project before displaying the pdf manual on a specific page. In this case, just refresh the browser and the page will appear.

    Now you have an external page linked to a specific page in a pdf file:

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