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How to Maintain Style Settings for Variables when Merging Projects

HelpConsole was designed so that styles from the root project are applied to any merged pages. Variables appearing in project to be merged will be have its styles formatted like the root project's.

​However, adding CSS styles directly to the variables in a project will maintain their appearance once the project is merged and viewed from the root project.


Here's how:

  1. Log in as a user with permissions to make and edit variables.
  2. Select Tools in the Administration Toolbar.

  3. From the Project Tools window, select Variables.

  4. From the Manage Variables Window, select the Add button.

  5. Name the Variable and add any content including system variables.
  6. When finished switch to <>HTML view in the editor.
  7. Add a <style> tag to the top of the variable html and input the CSS you wish to be applied to the variable.

  8. Select Save.

Now your variable will retain its styling in the project even if the project is merged.​

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