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How to Make A Table Responsive

Tables in HelpConsole 6 can be made to resize its dimensions based on the size of the browser window. Mobile friendly styling is essential to assist your users in accessing help on any device. In order to make tables responsive, table width and individual cell widths have to be set to a relative size (ie. set to a %).

Setting Table and Cell Widths to be Responsive:

  1. Edit the page with the table you want to make responsive.
  2. Right-click on the table and select Table Properties.
  3. In the Table Wizard, under Dimensions, in the Width field, enter 100%
    • You can change this value to allow the table to take up whatever portion of the window you would like, but this value must be a percentage.
  4. Then, select the Cell Properties tab in the Table Wizard.
  5. Under Preview (below the boxes) select Select All.
  6. Under Cell Properties, in the Width field, enter a percentage that would give each column an equal amount of table space (ie. if you have 2 columns, enter 50%)
  7. Select OK.
  8. If changes to the table are not immediate, refresh the project.

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