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How to Make Page Visibility Restrictions for Different Users

HelpConsole can be configured to be a restricted help system if specific pages are not meant to be visible to certain users (i.e. a public user or a non-administrative employee).
  1. First make two new skins:
    1. Go to 'Tools > Skins'.
    2. Select a skin and select 'Copy'.
    3. Name the skin (e.g. '[skin name]-hidden' or '[skin name]-restricted').
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and name the skin something else (e.g. '[skin name]-visible').
  2. (Optional) Now make a new security group:
    1. Go to 'Tools > Security Groups'
    2. In the 'Security Groups' list window, select 'Add'.
    3. Name the security group (e.g. 'authorized').
    4. Select this group's permissions.
  3. Set two security group's default skins as either of your new skins:
    1. Go to 'Tools > Security Groups'.
    2. Select public and set its 'Default Skin' to the restricted skin from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select 'Save'.
    4. Select 'Admin', or another security group, and set its 'Default Skin' to the unrestricted skin from the drop-down menu.
    5. Select 'Save'.
  4. (Optional) Now make sure your users are in the right security groups:
    1. Go to 'Tools > Users'
    2. Select a user that you would like to assign a new security group to.
    3. Beside 'Security Group:', use the drop-down menu to assign the user a security group (e.g. authorized) which now has a default restricted (or unrestricted) skin.
  5. Now set page visibility corresponding to the different security group skins:
    1. Go to a page that you want to hide from the restricted user (or any user viewing a restricted skin).
    2. Select the 'Table of Contents Properties' icon (  ) in the 'Contents Toolbar'.
    3. Select 'Page Visibility'.
    4. Check the two boxes ('Hide and 'Lock') beside the skin you would like the page not to be visible in.
    5. Select 'Save'.
  • Now pages that you do not want the public user to view will not be seen by them and be visible to your authorized users.
  • You can add more security groups with different levels of clearance and make other pages visible to certain groups if you want as well.
  • We recommend keeping the admin security group's security clearance as high as possible.

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