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How to Move HelpConsole 6 to a New Server

HelpConsole projects are essentially self-contained. All users/security group settings, properties settings, help pages, skins, images, documents, published versions etc. are all inside of the project which can be transferred from installation to installation.
However, there are a few HelpConsole application settings outside of the project that need to be transferred individually if these elements need to be retained. This includes the application wide styles, customization made to system files, and customized project templates.
Project management screen passwords cannot be retained from installation to installation. You will need to secure your installation again if necessary.

Here's how to transfer an installation of HelpConsole to another server successfully:

  1. Check to make sure the new server has the minimum system requirements to run HelpConsole 6.
  2. Back up your projects.
  3. Make a copy of any of these application files if they have been customized:
    • Application Styles (e.g. C:\Program Files\HelpConsole 6\_engine\AppStyles.css).
    • Project Templates (e.g. C:\Program Files\HelpCOnsole 6\template_Help System).
    • Any system files that have been customized.
  4. Install HelpConsole 6  in the new location.
  5. Paste your application files to be retained in the same location as in the previous installation to overwrite the default files.
  6. Upload your projects in the new installation.

Note: The most common issues our clients run into when setting up a new server to run HelpConsole 6 are caused by missing Windows Features or .NET 4.5 installations. Reinstalling these required Windows Features resolves these issues.


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