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How to Pass Username and Password via autologin.aspx via Form Object

You may find that you want to ensure that your HelpConsole always requires a login before use to ensure confidentiality and security. The example below assumes that the application calling the help system and the help system are on two diferent web servers (or two different virtual directories).

1. On the root of your C:\ create a document named Test_Login.htm and enter the code below:
http://localhost/helpconsole2010/{projectname}/autologin.aspx" METHOD="POST">
Enter the username:<input name="username" value="jsmith"><br>
Enter the password:<input name="password" value="trixy"><br>
<input TYPE="submit">

*NOTE: In the example code above, the username and password are pre-populated and assumes that there is a matching user named "jsmith" with a password of "trixy" in the help project. 2. Within your project folder create a file named "autologin.aspx" with the following code:

Session("{Your_Project_Name}_autologin_username") = request.form("username")
Session("{Your_Project_Name}_autologin_password") = request.form("password")

3. In this example, when the help system is opened, you should be logged in as "jsmith"

- HelpConsole 2010

Anonymous3 years ago
this seems very insecure and easy for someone to intercept credentials.
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