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How to Translate a Page

*NOTE: Before making any changes ensure you backup the current project.

Use the following steps to translate a page to any language.

1. Translate all page names in contents using the google translation tool. (
2. Translate all page content.
3. Translate the 'Index', 'Bookmark', 'Print', and 'Link' icons. This is done using an image editor like paint or PhotoShop.
4. Translate the 'Search' label by editing the skin and changing the text.
5. Translate 'contents', 'index' and 'search results' label using the 'translation variables' (../helpConsole%202008/default.aspx?pageid=translation_variables).
6. Note: Regional settings only need to be changed to change the keyboard input to a specific language.
7. Note: There a currently some elements that are not translatable such as:
-'link' dialog headings and labels
-'Login' link text
-'Add comment' dialog.

- HelpConsole 2008

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