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HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

This error can occur for both Static and Dynamic HelpConsole 6 help systems. This article will explain methods of troubleshooting you can do to determine the cause. In general, an HTTP Error 404.0 indicates that the resource being requested from the server isn't available.

Commonly an Error 404.0 is caused by an incorrectly formatted URL or because the resource is not available on the server. You should always check to make sure you haven't made typographical errors when inputting a URL and if possible, check that the resource being requested is on the web server.

Dynamic Help System Error 404.0

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Open IIS (Ctrl+R, enter inetmgr and hit Enter)
  2. In the Connections Pane (left side by default), expand the server name node, the Sites node, and the Default Web Site node.
  3. Check if HelpConsole 6 is present as a virtual application in IIS.
  4. If not, add HelpConsole 6 as a virtual application in IIS.

If the virtual application is missing in IIS, then the installation of HelpConsole 6 did not execute correctly or the virtual application was removed from IIS.

You may need to re-write permissions for HelpConsole 6 as well if you experience another server error citing a lack of permissions for "RadAsyncUpload" to write to the Temporary Folder after re-adding HelpConsole 6 to IIS.

HelpConsole 6 is Found, but the Project Isn't:

Go to your HelpConsole 6 file directory on the server (eg. C:/Program Files/HelpConsole 6/Project Name).

  • If you cannot find the folder, the project is missing and cannot be found.
    • If the project folder is found outside the HelpConsole 6 file directory, move it back in.
    • If you have a back up of the project, upload it into HelpConsole 6.
  • If the folder is present but with another name, revert the name back to the one referenced in the URL.
    • Then rename of the project from within HelpConsole 6.

Static Help System Error 404.0

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1.  Go to the project file directory (eg. C:/Program Files/HelpConsole 6/Project Name/).
  2. Look for a folder within the project file directory called "Static" or what ever you named your Static Help System folder.

If you can't find the folder:​

  1. Log in to the project as a user with sufficient permissions to publish Static Help Systems.
  2. Publish your Static Help System again.

If you have uploaded your Static Help System to your web server and the URL is producing an Error 404, this may be something to do with the server's settings, or the content is not there anymore.

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