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PDF Publishing - Request timed out.

This error will occur if a large project is published as a pdf.

Projects over 600 pages might be too big to be published as a pdf in a timely manner on HelpConsole 6.

The problem occurs because of a restriction in HelpConsole 6's Web.config file (located in the HelpConsole 6 program directory ex: C:\Program Files\HelpConsole\).

This section of the .config file restricts the time allowed for processes:

<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" maxRequestLength="102400" executionTimeout="600"/>

If the value "600" is changed to a higher value, this may solve the issue.

If this does not solve the issue:

Publish a Section of the Help Project

If the project page count is higher than 600, then it may be just too large to publish. The alternative is to publish only a section of the manual. This can be done by clicking the ‘Selected Node’ checkbox on the publish form. 

Problem with a Specific Page

There may be a problem with one of the pages. For example something on a page causes the code to go into an infinite loop and also cause the project to timeout. Try creating a new project and publish to PDF. If you're able to publish it, this indicates that the problem is specific to your project, and not the installation.

Through a process of elimination, use the above technique to find which sections of the project time out the publisher. From there, find which specific pages are causing the time out by publishing them each individually. Troubleshooting this way will produce a list of problem pages, likely with the same problem-causing content.

Firewall is blocking PDF Generation

Another possibility is that your firewall is blocking the PDF generation in some way. There have been cases where everything appears to work fine, but when publishing a PDF, it failed every time. To test this, try running the url: "localhost/helpconsole6" directly on the web server. By specifying 'localhost' instead of the computer name it will bypass the firewall. If the firewall is blocking the PDF generation, you should be able to add HelpConsole 6 as a trusted application.

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